Because the nose makes the difference.




Alcohol. Drinks (diff.) Cake (diff.) Espresso Leather Rubber
Amaretto Cappuccino Fish Lemonade Salami
Amber Caramel Flue Balm Licorice Sea Breeze
Autumn Cheese Fried Chicken Marzipan Soap
Bad Smells (diff.) Chewing Gum Garden Mold Mullet Claret Soup (diff.)
Babylotion Chocolate (diff.) Gas Moschus Sulfur
Baked Apple Christmas Gas Station Neroli Tea black
BBQ Cocoa Grass New Car Tea green
Beer Coffee Gingerbread Peanut Butter Tobacco
Bodylotion Coke Honey Petrol Tutti Frutti
Bread Cookies Hop Pizza Washing / Cleaning
Burnt Smell Cork Horse Stable Popcorn Woodruff
Butter Dentist Incense Rice Pudding  

Beside those scents also various perfumes are available.
If you do not find a scent in the list, please contact us for further information!


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